General Information about Plenty’s Volunteer Placement

Where do volunteers serve?

Plenty has longstanding relationships with various community-based groups in Belize, Guatemala, and El Salvador in Central America; Dominica in the Caribbean; and Liberia in western Africa.  In the U.S, Plenty assists several Gulf coast communities, at Pine Ridge reservation, and in middle Tennessee. A group’s purpose and activities, their interest in hosting volunteers, along with a potential volunteer’s skills and time availability, determines where a volunteer would serve.

Plenty volunteers siding a house in Dulac, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

What kind of criteria do volunteers have to meet to work with Plenty?

Volunteering is a two way street. We believe it should benefit our project partners first and foremost, and expand the volunteer’s experience and understanding. Volunteers have to be highly committed to service, flexible, and willing to cooperate and learn as part of a project team. Volunteers also have to pay their own expenses, including transportation to the project site and living expenses while in country. Costs will vary according to where the project is located. Specific skills may be needed depending upon the position – please check the current opportunities listed. Time commitment varies according to the position.

5 mbas
Among hundreds of volunteers who have worked on Plenty projects over the years have been a number of MBA school grads such as these from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Here they pose with their local crew chief (in the Plenty t-shirt) at a worksite on the island of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean.

How do I apply to volunteer?

First, contact us at info@plenty.org and tell us about yourself and your interest in volunteering, and what program or opportunity you’re interested in (check the Current Opportunities page). If initial communication looks promising, we’ll ask you to fill out the volunteer application form and send it back to us for review, and we’ll go from there. For volunteers interested in long term placement (more than three months), we’ll arrange a screening meeting between you and Plenty representatives, who will make any final decision about placement.

What will and won’t Plenty provide me as a volunteer?

If a volunteer opportunity is arranged, we’ll provide you with background information about the group and area where you’ll work, as well as logistical information about travel and housing, and contact information. Plenty and/or our project partners will provide on-site orientation and in-country support. Unfortunately, Plenty cannot provide travel or living expenses, nor health, life or liability insurance for volunteers.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Plenty! Please contact lisa@plenty.org if you have any other questions.