Update about recent hurricane damage suffered by Biloxi Chitimacha tribe

Saturday Sept. 13

Hello All

I spoke at length this morning with  Chief Albert Naquin from the Isle du Jean Charles Band of the Biloxi Chitimacha tribe … and he says that the newest flooding is worse again than Rita and all of the stalwarts on the Island were evacuated.  The waters came up very high, and his community took some heavy hits.

18 homes are totally un-liveable and this is an urgent need..
26 are damaged and will need a lot of work
The rest will need patching

It is inaccessible at this time, except by boat.

He said Pointe au Chiene across the Bayou is also essentially evacuated, ecept for a few people who have very elevated homes.

Albert says what they need right now is SHOVELS and BLEACH, as well as BEDDING.  Funds of course to offset the costs for families staying in motels.  Food is covered, that has already been  manifested.

There is a need for skilled carpenters and roofers, and he wants people who do not need to be supervised and who have transportation, in other words — bringing energy and not depleting already exhausted people.

Much love to all, may your intent and efforts be successful,

Robin Rose, MD (Plenty Katrina volunteer)