The Roots of Plenty: Table of Contents

Forward: We’re Just Lucky

Introduction: Spiritual Revolution


Plenty Begins International Disaster Relief
Indian Municipality Building, Esteban Chuj and Flashing Mirrors
Landing in Guatemala
Black Beans from The Farm
Sweet Times
Lives So Full of Beauty
Everybody Got Something
Nora, the Formula Fed Baby
Battle of the Bands
Holy Meditation
Blessed Relief: I love story
An Itzapa of the Heart
We are Still Debriefing
Grateful for Water
A Garland of Flowers
The Day San Francisco de Las Lomas got Water
Mobile, Alabama Support for Guatemala
Impatience and a Big Mistake
An Overflowing Pantry
Impressions on a Sunny Day in Solola
God is in all People
3 Village Water Project
Plenty integrated Soy Program Guatemala
Plenty and the Soybean
Amaranth and Extinction
Getting Water to San Bartolo
Soy Dairy Inauguration
From the Bottom of Our Hearts
The Custom of My People
Last Days in Solola

Bangladesh: One Way Ticket and a Parachute

Haiti: 1975 – 1983

Rainbow Warrior: Saving Whales on the Rainbow Warrior

Right Livelihood Award

Age and Youth Center

Plenty and the Fri


With the Caribs of Dominica
Business School Grads Help Build Soy Dairy in the Caribbean

Natural Rights Center

Native Rights

The Longest Walk
Akwesasne, Plenty’s Support
Emergency Team
Message from the Mohawk Nation
Black Hills Survival Gathering
Pine Ridge: A Commentary
Pine Ridge Gardens

Plenty Ambulance Service

Third World Situation
People’s Development Corporation
Tom Brown said, “All right”
Building Fires
What War Did We Miss?
Midwifery and Licensing the Ambulance
Always a Free Service
A Shooting in the Bronx
The Boy You Saved
Fulton Avenue South Bronx Local Chop Shop
Where Is Our Ambulance?
Health and Hazards
This Magic Thing
Community Garden
Plenty of God’s Love
Vivian Gambles

Kids To The Country

Clinic Del Pueblo


A Difficult Situation
Motsemocha Village Technology Training Center
Quithing River Bridge Saves Lives
Safe Water Supply
They Laughed in Maseru
People were so Hungry
Grateful for the Opportunity
Basotho Culture
Medical Education and Support
Primary Health Care Project
Village Health Care Workers Coordinator Report
We Are All Mortal

Plenty Past and Future

Plenty Today