Kids To The Country

Plenty’s Kids To The Country (KTC) program offers at-risk urban kids the opportunity to take a break from troubled situations and develop a connection to nature through hands-on experience.  KTC takes place on 1750 acres of woods, fields and streams south of Nashville on Tennessee’s Highland Rim. The land belongs to a 45 year-old intentional community called the Farm, which has hosted KTC since 1986 and has about 200 permanent residents today.

KTC kids come from homeless shelters, refugee centers, and low-income neighborhoods. More than 5000 children have participated since the program began.

A KTC craft-making session next to the “swimming hole,” a pond with a sandy beach, which is a favorite spot for the kids.

Kids To The Country also provides the opportunity for kids to:

  • experience a multicultural environment
  • build a positive sense of community
  • learn nonviolent conflict resolution skills
  • develop healthful relationships
  • expand their world view
bike riders
The Farm has lots of safe places to ride bikes.

KTC structures activities to form lasting feelings of accomplishment and self-worth in each child. The nature school curriculum helps every youngster develop a connection to the rhythms of nature.

Swimming lessons in the “swimming hole.”

Many former KTC kids return to become counselors in training.

Many of the youngsters we get to know live with the daily threat of random violence. One expressed  “I bet there’s no shoot-outs here like there are in my neighborhood.” In recent times we’ve seen the unthinkable happen in our schools and in our cities. We know that ignoring the needs of children in our communities ultimately affects us all. To find out how you can help or participate in the Kids To The Country program, please email us, or write to: KTC, 425 Farm Road, Suite 3, Summertown, TN 38483. Donations to KTC are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!

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