Kids To The Country 2010

Plenty’s 2010 Kids To The Country begins next week and we are looking forward to another exciting season. It’s so amazing to watch the kids go through their changes as they experience nature, many for the first time. An encounter with a tadpole, to be surrounded by trees, to chase lightning bugs in the night to the sound of whippoorwills, nature has the power to inspire hope like nothing else can.

This year it costs approximately $300 per child, which covers all of their food, lodging and activities throughout the week. If you would like to sponsor a child, please visit our donation page,

This KTC video provides an excellent overview of the program and gives a real look at what the children will experience when they arrive at the 1750 acres that make up our community.


Here’s a news clip that describes children from New Orleans who were victims of Hurricane Katrina that were brought up to Tennessee to participate in the Kids to The Country Program.