Kate Priest, RN, writes from Haiti

Last Saturday, Feb. 27) Kate and Carolyn flew to Haiti with Daniel Sussot of Airline Ambassadors. Carolyn Bell is representing Plenty.

Kate writes: “Friday we will take a convoy of trucks with food water and medical supplies to villages around Jacmel and a clinic at Caye Jacmel, very intense but all coming together with brilliant teamwork sprinkled with synchronicity. Not lots of time to write but this trip has been life changing, inspiring and very challenging!! I am loving the Airline Ambassadors team I’m with and esp. my Carolyn Bell, CNM who went off in scrubs to volunteer in a PAP (Port-au-Prince) hospital here. It rained all night and I kept waking up thinking about the all the people who were out in that with NOTHING, no water food shelter. The need here is still so great.

A couple photos attached of some of the AAI team, a tent city ( these are everywhere…) and a destroyed house. Up the hill from us was a 7 story hotel that collapsed completely killing hundreds.

In the group photo: left to right Kate, RN and Carolyn Bell, CNM and local housekeeper Lasa, Helen Samuels of greendomeprojects.org, CNM and Daniel Sussot, MD.

Collapsed house.
Tent city.

My best wishes to you all,


PS: I am fine and safe and doing very well here…”