In Memory of Karen Heikkala

P7065550 Karen at Bd Mtg 07_2Karen Heikkala, Plenty Board member for the past ten years, and Board Co-Chair for the past three years, passed away peacefully Tuesday night after a long illness. Karen embodied the spirit of Plenty with her infinite compassion and concern for the less fortunate. Hers too was a courageous spirit that spoke truth to power and stood up for peace and justice. Karen was also a consummate organizer and was invaluable in helping to guide Plenty through many tough decisions and difficult moments. To say Karen will be missed is a profound understatement. We send out our love to Tomas and their children and grandchildren.
-Pete Schweitzer

Karen was always, always sweet and steady and sincere and truthful. She listened patiently and asked good questions. She tried hard to do the right thing and was a voice of compassion in Plenty, with her friends, and the other work she was involved in. She was one of those people that was always there, part of the scene. I can’t remember a time when Karen wasn’t around or when exactly she joined the board. After Kathryn died I remember being with her at the Plenty booth at Ragweed. It was just us. We looked at each other and I said “well it’s just you and me now!” and we laughed about that. And now here we are again.
Thanks and love Karen.
-Lisa Wartinger