Join Us at the 10th Continental Bioregional Congress

A growing number of people are recognizing that in order to secure the clean air, water and food that we need to survive, we have to become guardians of the places where we live. People are joining with neighbors to discuss ways we can work together to learn what our special local resources are; plan how to best protect and use those natural and cultural resources; exchange our time and energy to best meet our daily and long-term needs; and enrich our children’s local and planetary knowledge.

Bioregionalism – and the Bioregional movement – embodies the effort to preserve, restore, and enhance life. It represents a comprehensive way of defining and understanding the places where we live, and of living there sustainably and respectfully through ecological design.  For nearly 30 years bioregionalists have been gathering in congresses to envision and develop a realistic, restorative way of life in the bioregions of the Americas. People working to create a sustainable and just human culture are invited to participate as delegates in this year’s Congress, representing bioregions across North America.

Formats will include an intergenerational village, consensus based forum, group discussions, activities, world cafe, youth programs, workshops, ceremonies, music, and celcbration…the focus will be on sustainability, community organizing, right livelihood, transition towns, restoration, policy change, ecovillages, permaculture, education, arts and culture, and more. For more information visit