At this time, before the latest hurricane to threaten the Gulf Coast does whatever it’s going to do, we are preparing Plenty’s response, together with our Katrina response partners, some of whom are in New Orleans where they will ride out the storm and keep us posted with on-the-scene reports. A few of us have just returned from New Orleans where we participated in events commemorating Katrina, and visited with some of the families we have been helping. Some were back in their renovated homes; others were getting close to being able to get back. Others were still living in FEMA trailers. All have evacuated. Another Katrina-size storm could be devastating. We’re watching events closely. We are in a better position to respond than after Katrina, because we have a house down there (hopefully), and we know hundreds of people and other organizations and city officials who know of and respect the work Plenty has been doing. We’ll have our most current information here on the Plenty Blog. In order to return we’ll need new financial resources. Here’s the link to our donation page  where you can make credit card donations designated for “hurricane relief.” Thank you so very much. Here we go again.