Plenty Belize

Children in 48 villages live healthier because of the school gardens, youth gardens at home, school water systems and school lunch programs supported by Plenty Belize’s GATE program. Volunteer cooks at five primary schools learned ways to prepare balanced nutritious meals and soy foods, led by master cook Ignatius Gomier Longville and funded by our friends at A Well Fed World. All district schools were provided a healthy foods cookbook produced by Plenty Belize and the Toledo School Feeding program.

A pilot solar power project in San Jose village provides clean energy to 19 buildings including the school that serves over 200 children via its 6.58 KW solar array.

Fifteen fishing families developed micro businesses to diversify their income and decrease the pressure on fragile marine resources. The families benefitted from eight business training courses, and a mix of grants and loans to start or improve their business operations.

The 20 women members of “Ambitious Women of Punta Gorda” learned food canning and home gardening to begin a small salsa making operation to earn income.

The “Protecting Teenage Mothers” project provided workshops on parenting skills, nutrition education, healthy relationships, conflict resolution domestic violence, and other relevant topics for 22 young women.