Kids to the Country: Kwanzaa 2011

Each year in rural Tennessee, over 200 at-risk urban youth experience the fun and wonder of the natural world while learning communication, cooperation and anger management skills at the KTC Nature School.

At the Kwanzaa and Gift-making Program, the kids spend time making hand-made gifts for their loved-ones. When they leave, their bags are full of gifts and donated fruit that is part of the Ceremony.

The second part of the program is a Kwanzaa Celebration that awakens the children to their personal talents and good principles to live by all year around.

The Ceremony, led by longtime KTC staff member, Sizwe Herring (below), is based on the book, Practicing Kwanzaa Year Around by the late, beloved KTC Advisor, author and teacher, Gwynelle Dismukes.

KTC is grateful to the Sheila Fortune, PeyBack and Bay and Paul Foundations.