Plenty Belize

Plenty Belize held a five-day summer camp in July for 16 children ages 4-9 (see photo below). All of the
activities centered on nutrition and health, with the theme “Dirt Made My Lunch.” Each day the kids helped plan and prepare healthy lunches using the Belizean Food Basket for balanced meal planning. Garden games, such as water bucket relay race, compost race, beanbag toss, musical chairs, wheelbarrow race, table tennis, swings, slides, and more provided lots of exercise. They also shared their creativity in painting, drawing, making jewelry and other small crafts. Every day the youths practiced the camp theme song, and on our final morning we made a video of their music. The summer camp is but one part of our focus on Belizean youth. The GATE program continues to engage young people in school gardens and good nutrition, and is now a part of all the primary schools in the Toledo District.