Plenty was able to help twelve-year-old Emanuel  to secure an all terrain “Rough Rider” styled wheelchair. Plenty staff ran into Emmanuel in the street at the entrance to the Guatemala City waste dump. A picture of Emanuel sitting in a homemade plastic wheelchair energized the campaign to get him the kind of wheelchair he really needs with donations provided by board member Robert Reifel and friends in New Mexico, and collaboration with Mark Richards of Hope Haven International. The wheelchair was designed by Whirlwind International and made by the nonprofit Bertha O. de Osete Foundation in Mexico.

Walking through the asentamientos (settlements) next to the Guatemala City dump where Plenty has been supporting a child nutrition project one sees a lot of bare ground with no plant life. Sewage collects in ditches along the pathways between the rows of shanties built from scraps of metal, wood and cardboard. There are no playgrounds or green spaces. Everyone is living on the edge of survival.