Gulf Coast Recovery

Since hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast at the end of August in 2005, the quarter- mile wide Isle de Jean Charles, which lies just southwest of New Orleans three feet above sea level has been flooded by hurricanes Rita (2005), Gustav (2008), Ike (2008), and now Isaac as well as tropical storm Lee in 2011. On top of these disasters the BP oil rig explosion in 2010, coupled with the careless and massive application of Corexit to try and break up and disperse the oil has basically shut down the shrimp and oyster harvests that the native Biloxi- Chitimaca-Choctaw people rely on for food and income. Plenty is raising funds to help the families like Hilton Chaisson’s who lost everything in the flooding from Isaac. One hundred and seventy-five people live on the island including about 22 children. For most of the families, their homes represent all they have and the island culture is all they have ever known.