El Salvador Programs

by Chuck Haren

In September our Plenty team worked with the Director of Nutrition at the School of Medicine, University of El Salvador (UES), to bring agricultural tools and equipment to families in Rancho Grande, and San Vicente. The families share use of about 3 acres of land. This group, led mostly by women, will be planting moringa and chaya green leaf plants, and some other vegetable crops.  Family incomes average $50/month here, and these people lost many of their very few possessions in floods that swept through villages in the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador in October 2011. Many thanks to our Plenty donors and the Trull Foundation.

Plenty is working with the University of El Salvador School of Medicine, Department of Nutrition, and El Cuenco (a US based NGO in Washington DC) to help Rancho Grande increase production of high nutrient foods, including soybeans and green leaf crops rich in vitamin A/ beta carotene, establish a food processing center, and address water contamination problems. A recent grant from the Trull Foundation, matched with funds from El Cuenco, provided water filters to 61 families.