Book: The Roots of Plenty

The Roots of Plenty: Tales from the “Hippie Peace Corps”

edited by Jerry Hutchens

A collection of amazing stories by the young idealists who served as Plenty volunteers in Guatemala, Mexico, Bangladesh, Lesotho, Haiti, Pine Ridge Reservation, the South Bronx, and with Kids To The Country at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee.

The roots of Plenty can be traced to the fertile soils of the spiritual revolution that bred the hippies during the 1960s and 1970s. These were the times when Plenty’s founders – the settlers of the intentional community in Tennessee called The Farm – transformed into a long-haired, tie-dyed, rocked out, exuberant, joyous, tribe of unabashed do-gooders.

At the heart of the transformation was the discovery that life had meaning and purpose after all, and that meaning and purpose involved loving each other and creating peace, doing something for the world and having a lot of fun in the process. Click here to read more of the Introduction

Quotes from a few readers about The Roots of Plenty:

“Every time I read a book I say “That’s the best book I’ve ever read”, because I always think so. But gosh darn it, I really must say that The Roots of Plenty is really the very best book I’ve ever read…Every day I am so amazed by the stories, and today I’m about busting at the seams. I am so impressed by everything you all have done around the world, I sent copies to my brother and sisters…The way the global political climate is these days, the book is not only a testament; its encouragement for anyone who wants to do anything to make this world a better place.”  – Barbara Cheney

“I’m in love with Plenty! Thank you, all of you, for being bodhisattvas. Modeling true integrity. With heartfelt appreciation, awe, and inspiration.” –  Rachel C.

“I am so grateful to Jerry Hutchens and all those who made our Plenty stories into a book.  What a gift to all of us Plenty volunteers!  To be able to read all the stories is, after all this time, still adding pieces to the picture for me and making me aware of so much that I didn’t know.   And it is so wonderful that our experiences won’t be forgotten!  And just may be our experiences will inspire a new generation of relief and development workers.  Thank you so much. “ – Leslie Jordan (Guatemala project volunteer)

“I received the book several days ago. I appreciate what all the fine people at Plenty do…The stories in the book are heartwarming, inspiring, and true spirit in action.  We all need this at this point in time.
Sincere and humble thanks,” – Chuck Gehling

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